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Painting Services in Irving, Texas

Residential | Commercial | Interior | Exterior | General Painting

As professional interior property painters, we use proven products, exact techniques, and expert attention to detail to make your Irving, Texas property a showpiece! Keen Painting and Renovations can handle any type of painting job including, accent walls, paint matching, trim, wall painting, stucco, lathe, roof painting, texture painting, and so much more within Irving, Texas. If it can be painted, we paint it, areas like bathrooms, stairs, ceilings, closest or even a handrail running up your stairs. Our team servicing Irving, Texas, prepares your area properly with sanding, caulking, and priming before a drop of paint is applied. This ensures long-lasting integrity and beauty for years to come for your Irving, Texas property. We always keep our work areas clean and neat, removing trash each day, which keeps your home clean and makes us more efficient while promoting safety. Give our team in Irving, Texas a call today! Expect the best when you hire our team of experts for your interior painting services in Irving, Texas. Keen Painting and Renovations has built our stellar reputation on providing unmatched excellent service and superior results with our painting options. We utilize the latest technology and techniques in the painting industry in Irving, Texas to give our clients the best quality painting service available for their buildings. Adding a fresh coat of paint to the interior of your home can make a dramatic difference when it is completed by an experienced team. Give our crew a call today to get started on your Irving, Texas painting project!


Renovation Services in Irving, Texas

Interior Renovation | Exterior Renovation | Custom Renovation | Bathroom Renovation | Kitchen Renovation | Commercial | Residential

We are here to serve you in Irving, Texas for every type of renovation you could ever need to keep your business open and running as smoothly as ever. Perhaps the job requires a brand new lobby for your hotel, a brand new grand entrance to your restaurant, or perhaps a whole new commercial renovation for a total workshop makeover. We use our key expertise in construction and coordination to make sure whatever custom remodeling job you need we will do our very best to satisfy your expectations and bring you the results you need to expand your commercial endeavor whatever it may be to keep your Irving, Texas business flowing without a missed step. With an investment like a new sturdy shop front, you can gain the space you need to keep you on track and focused while being a showstopper for miles. From the most dedicated projects like a complete renovation with plans ranging from months to the speediest of tasks that can take less than one week in cases, we always plan on the most efficient process for the result you can always count towards quality. So if you find yourself needing commercial contracting service here in Irving, Texas, give us a call at your earliest convenience.

Remodeling Services in Irving, Texas

Pre-Remodeling Demolition | Pre-Remodeling Disposal | Full/Partial Remodeling | Interior Remodeling | Exterior Remodeling | Custom Remodeling | Bathroom Remodeling | Kitchen Remodeling

All the way from old shower tiles to a complete redesign our team at Keen Painting and Renovations gives every possible intention to create and bring a beautiful bathroom to remodel to your Irving, Texas home or business. Imagine a new sink and cupboard, professionally installed and ready for you to store everything you need to start the day with even more room to spare. A new set and style for your shower can be installed from flooring to new glass doors to set you off on the right and fresh foot for the day. Completely fresh mirrors of all sorts of sizes can be fitted into a new project, it could be time for you to update not only the size of the mirror but the shape, material, and non-stained options so your cleaning can become easier than ever. New or repaired walls from drywall to sheetrock can give you the bathroom remodel that you’ve been waiting for the perfect time for in Irving, Texas. Our contractors in Irving, Texas will take the attentive and precise approach in seeing to the completion of your remodel with the motivation as if it was their own home, our clients never need to worry as we take pride in the work we give to you. Come start your newest project with us, we are sure that your new bathroom will stand the test of time and shock your house guests every time they come for a gathering.


Asphalt Services in Irving, Texas

Asphalt Paving | Sealcoating | Parking Lot Striping | Residential | Commercial | Industrial

Unkempt asphalt in driveways or parking lots oftentimes will drive away potential clientele in Irving, Texas. A loss of potential revenue seems bad enough, but irresponsible upkeep on your asphalt can lead to further property damage that can set you back financially. Avoid those complications entirely and get into contact with us! We offer all of your asphalt paving needs, from new asphalt paving, surface overlay, asphalt speed bumps, asphalt turn lanes, asphalt driveway tie-ons, ADA-compliant landings and ramps, wheel stop installations, and even asphalt curbs. Our certified professionals at Keen Painting and Renovations will come to you and assess your pavement and recommend the best schedule for you to have your lot seal coated in Irving, Texas. We have multiple locations across the city of Irving, Texas, and have years of experience in applying asphalt paving and seal coating, you can feel confident we will get the job done right with high-quality service, and precision. We look to aid you with paving a property’s lot for the first time, new additions to an already existing lot, or touching up on some unkempt areas and everything in between! Our premium contractors use the highest quality sealers to enhance the appearance and extend the life of your asphalt parking lot or driveway.

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