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Are you looking to extend the service life of your home’s driveway, your business’ parking lot, or have an irksome street, riddled with divets and potholes? You need not look any further! Keen Painting and Renovations utilizes decades of familiarity with crack repairs, sealing and preventative sealant applications to prolong the serviceability of your property’s foundation, driveway, or parking area.

To ensure your property’s asphalt is up to visual as well as safety standards, enlisting the help of our licensed pros is the first step in the right direction. Our time honored methods of asphalt coating improve the quality of your parking lot as well as extend the actual life of the parking lot! And this is all done at a fraction of the time of money required for a complete repaving of your property’s parking lot. We use only the highest grade materials to affect any asphalt coating services and all of our work is backed by our Keen Painting and Renovations’ guarantee.

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Following these 4 easy steps have been proven to be highly effective for sealing a multitude of surfaces: asphalt, concrete, sidewalks, parking lots, garages, loading docks, industrial warehouse floors, driveways, ramps and much, much more. Additionally, our sealing services have been proven to enhance the longevity of the surface if adequately treated bi-annually.

1. Step One

For best results, a minimum of two layers must be applied to the asphalt pavement. Additional layers are acceptable; however, the minimum 2 layer requirement is critical.

2. Step Two

When applying a seal-coat, the temperature must exceed 50° (fahrenheit) and applied for no less than 24 hours. (To achieve ideal results, do not apply if the local forecast predicts temperatures below 50° [fahrenheit].)

3. Step Three

Avoid oversaturation and moisture to ensure the sealant sets properly - do not apply if the forecast calls for rain within a 24-hour window of sealant application.

4. Step Four

After the seal coating application is complete, allow for a full 24 hours of no traffic (pedestrian, vehicle, etc) in order to form the sealant and set correctly.

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